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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura – Sezione Idraulica, Ambiente ed Energetica
Via Ferrata, 3 – 27100 Pavia
Capannone – 1o Piano

Telefono: +39(0382)98.5724

Fax:          +39(0382)98.5589


Orari ricevimento:

Corsi a.a. 2021-2022:

  • Fisica tecnica (per Ingegneria Industriale)
  • Fisica tecnica ambientale

Corsi a.a. 2020-2021:

  • Fisica tecnica (per Ingegneria Industriale)
  • Fisica tecnica ambientale

Curriculum vitae

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The main research activities are related to:
1 – environmental acoustics (indoor, outdoor noise, acoustic performance of the building envelope). Thermo-hygrometric and acoustic comfort in urban areas; noise conditions in areas connecting ports and logistic platforms; noise control and reduction in industrial sites.
2 – architectural acoustics. Acoustic quality; measurements and models of theatres and religious buildings.
3 – Energy performance of buildings. Theoretical and experimental studies on existing buildings, zero energy buildings, UNESCO sites and historic buildings
4 – Air conditioning systems for buildings, heating and refrigeration and analyses of the water extraction from the air through the condensation process
5 – Use of solar radiation for the reduction of energy consumption in buildings
6 – Thermohygrometric problems of building structures
7 – Microclimatic conditions of indoor environments and environmental comfort, applications and monitoring in historic buildings

ID (Web of Science):  C-4636-2015



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  • AICARR (Associazione Italiana Condizionamento dell’Aria, Riscaldamento e Refrigerazione), già membro del consiglio direttivo, membro del comitato di redazione della rivista CDA, membro della giunta;
  • CIRIAF (Centro Universitario di ricerca sull’Inquinamento da Agenti Fisici) Componente del consiglio scientifico;
  • AIA (Associazione Italiana di Acustica): membro dell’associazione e del comitato scientifico e organizzatore del 44° Congresso Nazionale (Pavia, 7-9 giugno 2017), membro (supplente) del collegio dei revisori dei conti;
  • IBPSA-Italia (International Building Performance Simulation Association);
  • Iscritta nell’Elenco dei Tecnici Competenti in Acustica Ambientale dal Novembre 1996;
  • Iscritta nell’Elenco dei Certificatori della Regione Lombardia: dal 2006;
  • Iscritta nell’Elenco dei Certificatori della Regione Liguria: dal 2009

Ruoli editoriali:

Referee for international journals (Elsevier, Springer)

Premi, Awards, Fellowships:

Research grants:

Coordinamento/attività organizzate:

  • Organizzatore Congresso Nazionale di Acustica 2017 , Pavia;
  • Chairman in sessioni di Congressi Internationali: Building Physics 2015, Climamed 2015, CIRIAF 2017 (nazionale);
  • Membro del comitato scientifico Congressi internazionali: IBPC2015, AIGE_IEETA 2018, ROOMVENT 2020

Research bids:

  • Responsible for research activities in collaboration with the CNR Institute of Computational Linguistics on the INTERREG Maritime project, relating to noise conditions in retroport areas and connection with logistic platforms (beginning of 2018, duration 3 years);
  • Participant to PRIN 2017, Project entitled: BIOmasses Circular Holistic Economy APproach to EneRgy equipments (BIO-CHEAPER)

Collaborazioni esterne:

  • Responsible for the scientific collaboration with the Royal Palace Museum of Genoa to monitor the internal climate parameters of some rooms of historical and artistic value (2016-2017);
  • Collaboration to the acoustic and thermal energy analyses, project Brambati – coffee roasting process (2018)

Invited talks & Keynotes:

Impact case studies/Key research (in ottica VQR):

Pubblicazioni per VQR:

  • Magrini, A., Cattani, L., Cartesegna, M., Magnani, L., Water production from air conditioning systems: Some evaluations about a sustainable use of resources, (2017) Sustainability (Switzerland), 9 (8), art. no. 1309;
  • Magrini, A., Franco, G. The energy performance improvement of historic buildings and their environmental sustainability assessment (2016) Journal of Cultural Heritage, 21, pp. 834-841;
  • Franco, G., Magrini, A., Cartesegna, M., Guerrini, M., Towards a systematic approach for energy refurbishment of historical buildings. the case study of Albergo dei Poveri in Genoa, Italy, (2015) Energy and Buildings, 95, pp. 153-159;
  • Magrini, A., Lisot, A. A simplified model to evaluate noise reduction interventions in the urban environment (2016) Building Acoustics, 23 (1), pp. 36-46;
  • Magrini, A., Lazzari, S, Marenco, L., Guazzi, G., Cost optimal analysis of energy refurbishment actions depending on the local climate and its variations, Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems, Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 268-274;
  • Magrini A., Guazzi G., Bellazzi A., Meroni I., Refurbishment design through cost-optimal methodology: the case study of a social housing in the northern Italy, International Journal Of Heat and Technology, ISSN: 0392-8764, Vol. 35, Special Issue 1, September 2017 pp. S336-S344.

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