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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura – Sezione Idraulica, Ambiente ed Energetica
Via Ferrata, 3 – 27100 Pavia
Capannone – Ufficio Piano Terra

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Corsi a.a. 2021-2022:

  • Contaminazione delle falde acquifere e dei terreni e tecniche di bonifica
  • Tecnologie di depurazione e recupero risorse dalle acque reflue
  • Trattamenti avanzati delle acque di approvvigionamento e di rifiuto
  • Water-energy sustainable urban development

Corsi a.a. 2020-2021:

  • Contaminazione del sottosuolo e tecniche di ripristino
  • Tecnologie di depurazione e recupero dalle acque reflue
  • Trattamenti avanzati delle acque di approvvigionamento e di rifiuto
  • Water-energy sustainable urban development

Curriculum vitae

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Current research interests include advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment (bioelectrochemical systems, high energy irradiation, electrically-assisted membrane processes, photobioreactors), resources and energy recovery from wastewater operation (P removal, bio-oil and bio-char production by pyrolysis and solar HTC) including recovery processes and materials’ practical application in water-related Circular Economy circuits, water cycle sustainability and energy issues.
These topics are addressed by experimental and theoretical studies in cooperation with national (IRSA-CNR) and international institutions, and are part of an holistic approach to water cycle including water services decentralization and implementation of new paradigms for the achievement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Target in the water sector.

ID (Web of Science): AAA-9726-2020

ORCID: 0000-0002-1791-1404


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  • International Water Association;
  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists;
  • State Board of Professional Engineers Wisconsin USA;
  • Ordine Ingegneri Pavia Italy.

Ruoli editoriali:

  • Editor: Water Science & Technology, Water Supply, Revista Ambiente & Agua, Alexandria;
  • Science Exchange Journal, Journal of Membrane & Separation Technology;
  • Editorial Board: Environment International, Heliyon, Journal of Sustainability Research, Sustainability, Water Environment Research;
  • Guest Editor: Water, Sustainability, Water Supply, Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, Journal of Power and Energy Technology.

Premi, Awards, Fellowships:

  • Fellow, International Water Association;
  • BCEE by eminence, American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists.

Research grants:

  • Recent research grants include a 3-year grant (as Principal Investigator) from the Cariplo Foundation (Milan, Italy) concerning recovery of phosphorous from wastewater treatment operations. The grant activities were carried out with the Water Research Institute of the Italian National Research Council and Stevens University of Technology (U.S.A.);
  • Past grants include national, European (Marie Curie, MUNDUS, ERASMUS, TEMPUS) and international (U.S.E.P.A.) grants.

Coordinamento/attività organizzate:

  • Designated Chairman, 15th IWA international Conference on Watershed and River Basin Management, Quy Nohn, Vietnam, Fenruiary 2020 (postponed to other date due to pandemics);
  • Scientific Committee Member, AdMaS International Research Center, Technical University of Brno (CZ);
  • Member of the Scientific Committee and Organizer of the ITALIAN-KAZAKH BILATERAL SYMPOSIUM on “FUTURE: ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT & DEVELOPMENT” at the 2017 EXPO in Astana (Italian Foreign Ministry and Volta Foundation);
  • Scientific Committee member of many international conferences;
  • Director, Summer Schools held at the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies:
    2016. Water-Energy Sustainable Development,
    2017. Energy and materials recovery from water and wastewater for sustainable urban metabolism.

Research bids:

Recent unfunded proposals include: a proposal to the Cariplo Foundation concerning solar hydrothermal biochar production from wastewater sludge (with ENEA, Rome), and a LIFE+ proposal concerning optimization of microwave-assisted pyrolytic processes for bio-oil and bio-char recovery from wastewater sludge and green residues (with Brno Univ. of Technology and National Technical University of Athens).
Under preparation: BIOTEC8 EU-China proposal (H2020 strand) concerning BES systems for groundwater remediation
Proposals under evaluation: COST action on innovative radiolytic methods for emerging pollutants removal from water and wastewater (as principal proposer and coordinator, participated by researchers from over 20 countries); Erasmus KA2 project for improvement of teaching methods and dual education in the environmental sector in MEDA countries institutions.

Collaborazioni esterne:

Cooperation with Rotary Club International for design and implementation of a sustainable potable water system at the Orotta Hospital in Asmara (Eritrea)

Invited talks & Keynotes:


Impact case studies/Key research (in ottica VQR):

Pubblicazioni per VQR:

1) Economic and energetic assessment of different phosphorus recovery options from aerobic sludge. 2019 Journal of Cleaner Production 223, pp. 729-738. (CiteScore 2018 = 7.32, Citations 11)
2) Optimization of P compounds recovery from aerobic sludge by chemical modeling and response surface methodology combination. 2019 Science of the Total Environment
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6) Feedstock and process influence on biodiesel produced from waste sewage sludge.
2018 Journal of Environmental Management, 216, pp. 176-182. (Citescore 2018 = 5.32, Citations 29)

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